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Laser tattoo removal is effective in removing a small part of an external tattoo or an infill tattoo (the tattoo that’s covering the body’s surface).

What are the benefits and limitations of laser tattoo removal?

The benefits of laser tattoo removal include:

Removing a small part of the tattoo
Does Laser Tattoo Removal Scar Your Skin

Reduction in scarring and healing

Better aesthetics and a more natural look

Removal of unwanted tattoo

The skin that’s being destroyed is called the superficial layer, which is covered with skin cells and collagen tissue. When a laser is used to remove the tattoo, it’s able to destroy a layer of the superficial layer and move onto the deeper skin layer.

Are laser tattoo removal pain relief?

It depends on the treatment that needs to be done. Some laser tattoo removal treatments for burn patients tend to leave little mark on the skin. The best treatment for scars can be the laser treatment that’s less painful since the scarring will heal on its own when the body is healing from the tattoo removal. Some laser tattoo treatments for scarring do more damage to the skin.

When you’re laser tattoo removal, there are two things that need to be done:

To remove the tattoo, you need a laser device that has at least three laser beams (more than one laser works) that can be focused on different parts of the tattoo. Your laser surgeon will apply the laser to separate the parts of the tattoo to remove it. It takes between three (2) to five (3-5) minutes to do. The procedure will need to be repeated between sessions to ensure a full removal of the tattoo.

There’s an added benefit that comes with the laser treatment that’s similar to how an incision procedure works that will help your scars heal faster and help them to become more resilient.

What types of tattoos are treated with laser tattoo removal?

A laser tattoo removal treatment for burn is different than any other tattoo. It can take anywhere from three to five treatments to remove a tattoo and, as well, it can take up to 10 years for a burned tattoo to completely disappear.

For scarring and for other types of tattoo removal, the skin will need to be removed from a tattoo that’s been in place for much of its life. You don’t necessarily need a tattoo removal treatment to remove a tattoo that is already healing, but the scar treatment should be removed as soon as possible.

How the laser tattoo removal treatment

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