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1.4.3 What’s new in 2.4.2?

The most recent version of the App is iOS 11.2.2 (iPhone 5s).

1.4 What’s new in 2.4.2?

The most recent version of the App is iOS 11.2.2 (iPhone 5s).

1.3.2 What’s new in 2.2.2 in 4.2.2?

If you have an iPhone 5s, you can take advantage of Apple’s new “True Tone” technology to view the music of a high-resolution display, including photos, videos, and even videos captured from a camera. It lets you view the music from both audio and video sources, without having to adjust individual songs or tracks. The software will automatically switch back to a more familiar, traditional display mode. With True Tone, you’ll always be able to enjoy the same high-quality audio fidelity.

Also keep in mind that Apple has redesigned the navigation bar that used to appear in front of the music controls for iOS 8 and OS 6. It now uses new icons and controls. For detailed information, please go to this page.

1.3.1 What’s new in 2.2.1

The 2.2 app is now compatible with the newly released iPad Pro and iPad Air 2. This update includes:

· All-new interface.

· The possibility to quickly toggle between the new and old app navigation bar.

– You have the same interface, the same navigation bar, and it’s completely consistent with the new version.

1.3 How’s all this new?

It was time to bring your music collection up to date again

1.2 What’s New

– More music selection options. The new option allows you to make music collection and search suggestions from the lock screen of your device. With your music collection, you can choose from albums, artist, or tracks, search for and select songs by title and artist, search for and play specific songs, etc.

– The “Recently Discovered” category is now on the lock screen, to ensure you’re always finding the right things.

– You can now edit song title, artist name or album art.

– You can see the next song that’s coming up on your queue and the songs that have been added to the queue.

– You can now see which albums

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