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There are several reasons to edit a file:

to remove something

to change parts of it

to change other settings in the file

to add comments

To be able to edit a file, the file must be in a directory that is writable by root. For example, a Windows file may be edited in a directory named %windir%\system32 or %windir%\system32\ .

To edit a file in a directory that is writable by root, enter:

sudo mkdir -p /tmp/jks

You can always use the -p option, in order to change a specific directories.

To edit a file in a directory that is writable by root by using a program or by a Unix shell command, enter:

sudo chmod a+x /tmp/jks

To edit a file in a directory that is not writable by root by using a command line or by a shell command, enter:

sudo chmod +x /etc/issue

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To edit a file, you must be on or set to the chown (also known as “rsh”, or “user@host”) or group (also known as “group@host”) owner or group (also known as “user@user”), if any, in the directory where the file is located, by using either the su or gpasswd commands. If your user is not root you can use the su command to enter the root password. The group command creates additional groups and allows you to list the names and access rights of groups.

From the moment we heard a mention of its release in the UK, the new version of the original Doom has been well discussed, with many people being left saying the game is ‘better than Doom’ and we would’ve been one of those happy customers. A big reason for Doom’s current success has been its quality, which for a game to be good it needs a decent storyline, and for the new Doom the storyline is quite a lot!

Doom does a number of things differently to what we see on the PC nowadays. Firstly, this is the game at its base level. While many games try to bring a big ‘open’ world into the Doom universe, that doesn’t quite work here, and the game is much more confined than it should be – in short, it doesn’t allow the action to take the world to new levels! As a result the

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