What are the stages of editing? – Photoshop Editing Course

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So in order to go through the edit process, you have to understand the basic features of the video and the editing process.

1) Editing a video takes up about 5 to 10 minutes.

2) Editing a video involves a lot of keyframes… the keyframes are the animation of every frame… so what we did is to edit them to achieve the desired results.

3) In this part, we also used different effects like color temperature, sharpening and distortion effects, etc. to give the video a unique look

3)4) So in general, when we are editing a video, we are looking for the optimal result using the keyframes and the different effects.

5) 5)5) So basically this is the main objective of editing a video…. to have your video ready and you can go straight to making the final cut.

6) The Editing Process

7)8)So this video was edited for about 11 minutes and I edited it on Vimeo.

7)I think this video is definitely one of my favorites out of all the videos on my channel. You’ll see that it is easy to see the keyframes in the video… and the effects.

8)The video is perfect, and I love every second and this is one of the best videos.

So what are some tips for editing?

1) Always aim for a certain goal of perfect clarity & beauty.

2) Always start your video with a clear video & keep it at that. If you don’t, you may end up with too much noise.

3) Use a good VCR; a good recording quality will make your images more powerful.

4) Make sure that nothing is blurry, if you can’t, create a black version instead.

5) Use the same image throughout every part of your video.

6) Make your video as short as possible. This will also lead you to cut the best parts of your video.

7) Be aware that not everyone is aware about editing. People tend to forget that the video has to look good on its own. So try to make your video as simple as possible.

8)When editing a Vimeo video, you might need to add a second view to give you an overview when everything is finished.

And this is just a starting step to improve on your video editing skills. You don’t need to rush to

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