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How many roles do you see going into the editing process over the next year?

M: In order to make The Long Way Down, we would be shooting for several months. The majority of production would be done by the actors and crew, while the editor would edit, write, and direct. I’ll be on the set in any way possible as long as I work and shoot as much as possible: as the producer and editor, as the main actor and crew, and so on. The main role that I do that I can’t really talk about yet (and maybe that should be the first thing I can talk about) is working with the actors. I want to ensure that all the roles for each of the major actors have appropriate roles for them — and that the actors understand what they are doing. I know that it is a challenge given that there will be a large number of people who read any story, and not all will be as good as an actor or an actress. So I know that I will have to make sure that they are acting and reading as well as they can. There are a couple of interesting things that I will be doing in my role, which you should know about as well. I take part in discussions with the actors as they are reading to help keep them on line, and to keep them honest. In addition, I do what I can to make sure that all the dialogue they speak is clear and concise for an audience who might not be able to hear them. And yes, as in other forms of writing (and sometimes in acting too), I am the person who will go into that room with the actor with the script, show him where they want to begin and end their lines, and put things in a way that will enable him to get the necessary parts from himself and his characters. I also read the script before filming, and I try to keep up with the scripts that people have written on other sites as much as possible, to make sure we are on the same page as much as possible.

You’ve been editing a lot lately, right? And you’ve edited a long time. What did you do to keep yourself informed as The Long Way Down began?

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M: I always seem to get a lot of questions about the editing part of the job when it comes to making The Long Way Down. But I like to think that I was in a very good position when The Long Way Down came out. I’d always written, and for my career, I’ve written

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