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Yes. It’s free.

So what do I do in the free version of Photoshop?

You can do many things. To get started we recommend that you download the free Adobe Photoshop Elements plug-in.

Can I make this website work in the free version Photoshop?

That depends on whether you’re making your website for commercial use — in other words, for someone else to pay you to make the website for them — or if you’re making it to sell your personal work. In either case, you can use all of the standard Photoshop features, such as background fill, text, and colors.

If I make this website for commercial use where do I put it?

Your first step is to open all graphics files in a new document. This way, you can make them editable by others. Your HTML page, image, and other text will only be used to display that image.

What do I do when the plug-in shows me a blank page?

Open the plug-in again and search for the HTML page. If it’s not found, look to the right of that blank page and change its ID number. Your HTML page should look like this: This HTML page is blank.



How do I get my free Photoshop Elements plug-in?

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If you’re making personal work in the online world, here’s how: First, locate the Plug-in for Photoshop Elements on the Adobe website. Then, look to the right of that page and click on the Add button: You’ll then be taken to the Plug

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