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The question is asked often, but we don’t know the answer since only a small portion of articles are published each year in the peer-reviewed literature. It was calculated to cost between 25.000 – 35.000 $. Since not everyone can afford this price, we can just try to estimate how much it might cost for a 1000 word article.

Here are few examples:

First of all, a 1000 words is a lot of words, especially in our economy. But do you suppose it is enough? The answer is yes. The total average income is around US$25 000 per year. So if we assume a publication of 6 articles (that represents a 2.8% publication rate or 1.8% of published literature per year) a 2000 word article may cost less than US$700.

Let us now see what happens if we also publish the article as a book. We now have a total of 5000 words or 6200.000 dollars which is almost US$7500.000. If we use the average salary of a researcher in the field as 25000 $. It is now possible to publish the same article as a book, on average, for less than 12 US dollars per article. So you can see that in most cases, if you want to publish a 1000 word article, then you actually need a good price for this article.

The reason is that most authors prefer the use of their paper to be seen by their peers in academia and the wider public so some people prefer to keep the name of the paper concealed while the rest of the world sees the article. The price of that article is also often much higher than the price of the article published in a journal.

How about a 1000 word article written in an academic journal. The average salary is around US$7500, so if we assume that the article is published in the upper echelons of the field then it will cost at least 12$. So since it would be the right time to publish it in an academic journal then it should cost around US$600.000.

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What can you do with the money from this article?

There are plenty articles that could be published in peer-reviewed academic journals with less than 500 words. But if you want to publish an article in a top journal like Nature or Science, some editors might like you to submit a 1000 word article (for example in a review article in Scientific American). The price for such article would be around 2-4

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