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First, you need to know the effect that will be affected by removing the background (for example, a dark background will become light). This process varies with different Photoshop backgrounds and the effect you want to achieve. It is sometimes possible to use a Photoshop effect called “B&W” to restore the original color of the background.

In most cases, however, the original background color will be lost. This is called the fading effect and is one of the most common mistakes made by users.

The problem is that there are a few things that can cause this (depending on the type and the background), that may not be obvious when starting from scratch or doing a few test adjustments.

First, consider which effects you have chosen. There are a few that have more effect or more flexibility, and other effects, that you can easily create, using a few steps. But keep in mind (for example) that these effects will fade quickly, so you will need to try a few different effects to make sure that the result is acceptable.

If you really want to remove the background completely, you should be prepared to do a few modifications:


Redraw any lines, lines of pixels or other objects (lines, points or gradients)

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Redraw any images


Blend two (or more) different colors or other effects

There are also some background layers you can use, like gradient images, image gradient or even a full-color image if you like. These layers will be created and deleted when you stop the background layer, which will make things quite easy.

In fact, I recommend using the “Blending” and “Redraw” functions quite often (more than once a day), when using an existing foreground or background image in our work.

Using a tool called “Transform” to correct any problems with the “Blending” or “Redraw” function is also very simple, just choose one of these adjustments.

The most important thing to do first is to verify that there are no black or white lines in the layer:

If there are none, then try adjusting the layer to be lighter or darker.

If there are, just do the adjustment with the Tool of your choice.

Using Photoshop’s Layer tool, select the layer and change the blending mode to “None” – don’t forget to close the Layer Tool, so we will be done!

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