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You can create an open editable template in VSCode with a simple command, e.g.

$ create_editor -f jekyll

You will then see an open text editor with a title for everything you can put.

You can create a new file, with a name such as, and it will be created in the editable template.

You can add a bunch of files in the editable template with create_editor -f *.js and create_editor -f *.css. To move these files with the mouse, type




The move_to_file.js and move_to_file.css files are just text files, so their content can be moved using the mouse.

To add a new file into a template, type

$ add_new_file.js

The added file.js is a JavaScript file that allows you to change its contents. To save and reload the file, type

$ reload_file.js

to reload the file. The created file.css is a CSS file that can serve as a CSS file that can be re-used in other templates.

For a complete list of available commands, see: create_editor

To create a new file, type: $ editor_template

This will create a new document file at editor_template. VSCode will automatically open editable templates in fullscreen mode on startup.

Example: How to install a plugin

One way is to copy the plugin file to your VSCode project (or any other directory), and then enable it:

$ vim plugin/MyPlugin.vim

Then add it as a plugin in config/app.vim:

autocmd ! FileType plugin set user = MyUser vimrc filetype plugin on

When the plugin is in use, the editor is in full-screen mode, so when you change code, it will update automatically. You can see a working example using a few snippets from the example plugins and other resources provided in the source code.

If you wish to install all the plugins, in a separate file, add the following to .vimrc :

filetype on

You might also need to add the path to

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