Do professionals use Gimp? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Painterly Portraits

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Gimp is a free image editing program. They have a large community of users. You can use any software that supports an image editing package such as Gimp or any free software that supports these programs such as Photoshop.

I also read that it requires some skill. This is a huge factor because people do not have good understanding what Gimp is, so they need a lot of guidance even if they are competent. I think it is a good idea to learn a little as well. People do not understand the programs they use every day. Gimp requires a good understanding of tools and how to interact with the tools.

Can I use Gimp without a computer?

Yes, you can use it in some cases, but you need to have a computer to edit and you need to pay for it to do it. It’s really not a bad idea if you have an old computer you want to use to edit (Windows, OS, Linux OS). It can be done on an old laptop that’s used by kids or older people.

If you want to use it, there is a version specifically designed for Windows that you can try by downloading its file and extracting its content. That’s quite a large download, so make sure to have enough bandwidth!

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