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Since we are working in Lightroom, as you can see, you do not need Photoshop unless you work in a very tight, specialized area. In many of the instances where I work on a tight budget, I have had a client that just wants to have a copy of the final file. If he can just grab the images in the Lightroom library and get a few of them, he won’t have to go back to Photoshop. If he wants to go in and tweak the results, and the color balance, he needs to go into the computer and tweak the files because he can see the changes on the computer and he knows what those changes affect. On the other hand, if you’re in an area where you have a big volume, you will want to go in and do some additional color correction, which will require software like ColorBrewer.

If there is a need for professional color correcting on your images, do you rely on Image-Line or do you prefer Photoshop’s color grading tools?

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The difference in expenses since September may actually make you less careful about who you rent your car from. I have no clue how many other car renters are doing anything like this — all our other cars were acquired new or leased — but I can imagine it’s a common behavior. I’ve found that drivers of less expensive cars will be more likely to drive in traffic (and have less time to get home or to work) when the rental car company is not close by while more expensive drivers have the option of paying a surcharge for driving in crowded areas at high volumes.

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