Is it hard to learn guitar? – The Easiest Way To Learn Guitar Scales

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Well, it definitely is. The guitar lesson is a little different from the lessons in any other band. The students are there to learn all the fundamentals in order to understand the music as a whole. In most bands there is a certain amount of understanding before the music is actually presented to them. They are not simply taking part in a performance and the music is being taught.

We will practice for about 6 hours a day, and we don’t try to be all things to all people. We will try to make the music a good experience for everyone. If you are a beginner you are going to be learning the best way. We hope to open your eyes to different styles as well.

We have 2 instructors that are going to teach you everything you need to know. Both of these instructors know every single instrument on my instrument (which is two different kinds of guitars), and their experience and knowledge in the band means that they are more than up to the challenge of teaching a new beginner.

Why should I be interested in a guitar lesson?

Well, we want you to enjoy the music as a whole. The guitar lesson will introduce you to the parts and different sounds you might not know well in the first three tunes.

Some people take guitar lessons just for fun and we hope that this experience makes you happy and gets you interested in music.

Why take a guitar lesson? Why not get your hands on free lessons? Learn the songs and songs I are teaching you over my instrument while you sit at my kitchen table. I have some good food too. You will have my wife and little kids in mind as well. You will also be helping me with the tour, so I’ll be really glad you did.

What is included?

It will cost about $50.00 USD and includes:

6 Guitar Lessons

Your name in the “About” section

A free ticket to the show

The ability to post comments on this site.

1 copy of my “Guitar Techniques” CD

2 copies of my “Guitar Practice Tips” CD

4 copies of my “Guitar Practice Books” CD

How to Join the Band

If you are interested in learning guitar or want to audition for the band then please email me at:

Please let me know how you want to learn, which instrument are you interested in learning, and what kind of

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