Who is better Tesla or Edison? – Nikola Tesla Free Energy Technology Repressed Memories Meaning

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If I ever had the opportunity to meet Edison I would show him some Tesla coils he built in order to produce electricity on demand in their factory in Edison, NY. Tesla used their coil to power an auto generator to produce free electricity to operate the factory. It wasn’t until more than 45 years later the car generator company changed their method to make the most of available technology and their customers switched to using gas. Edison’s energy sources were not only abundant, economical and reliable, but they were better than the gas they used.

While Tesla may or may not believe that his methods are better than Edison’s, my experience with Tesla’s Tesla coil tells me otherwise.

I understand the difference between electric and magnetic fields, so while I may not be able to change the environment around me and alter energy levels, I can make my home more powerful and responsive. And because I can turn my home into a power source or a transformer that can be easily moved, my home will be less exposed to natural disasters or pollution and will be more useful during times of need. But I think there are two significant differences between Tesla’s electrical apparatus and Edison’s.

Tesla’s Tesla Coil produces a current of 60 MVA at 4 amps in the field of the coil. Edison’s “Superior” Tesla coil in charge of power for all 50 states produced 1.5 A at 5 amps. Tesla’s coil has a high voltage rating.

I have also had the opportunity to see the results of the electricity generated as a result of the Tesla coil in effect. After watching the demonstration, I could imagine it as a very hot and warm room. But as I looked around at my Tesla Tesla coil installation I could see a small pool of boiling water in the middle of the room. Now here you have the difference between what a Tesla machine can generate that could power an entire home with a high voltage transformer and what a Tesla coil can deliver for a residential application.

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When I talk to engineers and scientists about the electrical system of a house to see how it would function and what potential it would produce, we often hear a loud “boom”. As an engineering nerd, I have seen this happening on many occasions and I know that if Tesla’s Tesla coil in a room can produce a boom over a range of 20 feet, that it can produce a boom over a range of 100 feet. That is a lot of bang.

As a physicist I look at the Tesla coil experience using math and physics and know that it does

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